1. Expanding and Improving Duchenne Standard of Care

    Posted on September 23, 20154:01 pm

      As a mom of a son with Duchenne, I understand the importance of physical therapy in this disease.  Early after Hawken’s diagnosis, we were referred to a physical therapy facility that knew very little about the nuances of physical therapy for Duchenne.  The PT’s in that state supported clinic actually used strength building exercises Read more »

  2. Welcome Katie Mastro

    Posted on September 22, 20153:59 pm

      We are delighted to announce that Katie Mastro has joined joined CureDuchenne as program services manager. She is responsible for managing and expanding the CureDuchenne Cares program, engaging with families whose loved ones have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and coordinating events. Katie jumped right in and participated in this past weekend’s CureDuchenne Cares workshop in Read more »

  3. Researchers Create New Mouse Model for Duchenne with Duplication of Exon 2

    Posted on September 16, 20159:58 pm

      Dr. Kevin Flanigan and his team at the Flanigan Lab at Nationwide Children’s Hospital are hard at work researching duplication mutations. They have created a new mouse model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy with a duplication of exon 2. Their research was recently published in Neuromuscular Disorders (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26365037). “CureDuchenne funded our research early on and Read more »

  4. Welcome Dr. Jak Knowles

    Posted on 3:46 pm

    We couldn’t be prouder that CureDuchenne has played a critical role in the development of what we hope will be the first-ever pharmaceutical treatments for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Investments by CureDuchenne in Prosensa (now BioMarin) and Sarepta Therapeutics have helped advance two drugs through clinical trials that await FDA approval in the fall of 2015. Read more »

  5. Passion Meets Courage

    Posted on September 9, 20153:49 pm

      To say I have witnessed young men and boys with Duchenne face heartbreaking challenges is an understatement. Duchenne is one of the toughest diseases in the world. That’s why when I hear words like courage, I immediately think of our boys with Duchenne. Today I wanted to reflect on very courageous young boy who Read more »

  6. Do You kNOW Your Duchenne?

    Posted on September 2, 20154:35 pm

      When our son, Hawken was diagnosed with Duchenne almost 13 years ago, my husband and I felt there couldn’t be too many things worse for a family to experience.  In the years since, I’ve met hundreds of Duchenne families and I’ve realized that many parents had a worse experience than we did. Hawken was Read more »