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  1. Physical Therapist Darcy Peach Provides Peace of Mind to Duchenne Families

    Posted on January 26, 20173:51 pm

      Darcy Peach discovered her calling to become a physical therapist while undergoing treatment for a volleyball injury in high school. During her treatment sessions, Darcy’s physical therapist took a great deal of care and time in treating her.  She witnessed first-hand the therapeutic and relationship building benefits that occur during the process of physical Read more »

  2. BACK TO SCHOOL: Communicating with the Team

    Posted on August 22, 20164:33 pm

      Guest blog by Celeste Graham, PT, Director of Physical Therapy, CureDuchenne Cares We are at that time of year when the shelves of our local superstores that just recently held beach towels and sunscreen are already being replaced with pencils, binders and backpacks . . . it is BACK TO SCHOOL time!     Read more »

  3. Transfer Techniques to Protect Duchenne Patients and Caregivers

    Posted on November 3, 20156:13 pm

      Moving someone who has Duchenne from one location to another is no easy task, especially when considering patient and caregiver safety. Physical therapist,  owner at Duchenne Therapy Network and CureDuchenne Cares program director, Jennifer Wallace approaches this topic in her recent blog video highlighting the importance of using proper techniques when performing transfers. Transfers Read more »

  4. Expanding and Improving Duchenne Standard of Care

    Posted on September 23, 20154:01 pm

      As a mom of a son with Duchenne, I understand the importance of physical therapy in this disease.  Early after Hawken’s diagnosis, we were referred to a physical therapy facility that knew very little about the nuances of physical therapy for Duchenne.  The PT’s in that state supported clinic actually used strength building exercises Read more »

  5. Welcome Katie Mastro

    Posted on September 22, 20153:59 pm

      We are delighted to announce that Katie Mastro has joined joined CureDuchenne as program services manager. She is responsible for managing and expanding the CureDuchenne Cares program, engaging with families whose loved ones have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and coordinating events. Katie jumped right in and participated in this past weekend’s CureDuchenne Cares workshop in Read more »

  6. Passion for Physical Therapy and Duchenne Care

    Posted on May 8, 20154:14 pm

    Guest blog by Jennifer Wallace, physical therapist and project manager of CureDuchenne Cares. Yesterday was an important day for me since it was my last day working in a local pediatric physical therapy clinic.  Although I have loved my time at this clinic, I have a strong passion for working with my Duchenne patients.  I Read more »

  7. Self-Stretches for Duchenne

    Posted on February 17, 20154:33 pm

      As part of CureDuchenne Cares – a physical therapy, education and outreach program for the Duchenne community – we are pleased to share information on a self-stretching routine for those living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. CureDuchenne and the Duchenne Therapy Network created a new video blog and a printable handout on stretching. Performing a Read more »

  8. Power Wheelchair Options for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Patients

    Posted on November 20, 20145:03 pm

      Duchenne Therapy Network and CureDuchenne released their newest video blog that highlights power wheelchair options available for Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients.  Here we provide tips on what to look for when choosing a wheelchair. Front Wheel Drive Pros: Maneuverability Performance on terrain Space for foot movement Cons: Tracking issues at high speeds Mid-Wheel Drive Read more »

  9. Cure Duchenne and the Duchenne Therapy Network Form Partnership to Provide Training to Physical Therapists and Duchenne Families

    Posted on June 17, 20145:54 pm

    CureDuchenne is pleased to announce a partnership with the Duchenne Therapy Network to provide training to physical therapists as well as Duchenne families and caregivers about specialized care for Duchenne patients. Duchenne is a progressive muscle-wasting disease that has no approved treatment or cure. Consistent physical therapy is one of the most important pieces of Read more »